Nicole Portraits

Ahh, I love being able to style an entire shoot. Nicole Cook is a hair and makeup artist, she does an awesome job! She did her own hair and makeup for this shoot. Her information is at the top of this blog! This shoot was a little crazy but such a blast. I made her go bare foot through everything--there were broken branches all over the ground and the river was moving fairly fast and the rocks were slippery. It was pretty scary, but super fun! We had a blast!


  1. oh my hell, these are absolutely beautiful! Nicole looks stunning and you did a wonderful job!

  2. Alix, you did such a beautiful job! You are an incredibly talented photographer and I hope you know how amazing you truly are! Thank you for the new photos, I am so happy to have them! I LOVE them and love you!

  3. nicole, you are beautiful. these are absolutely stunning and alix, when and how do i get a shoot. you work is absolutely amazing


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