Michelle + Ellie Portriats

This beautiful girl has been a supporter of my photographer for quite a while! I was really excited to finally be able to work with her. This was sort of a model/mother-daughter birthday session. Michelle says she's not a model but she totally is! She was so natural and fun in front of the camera, I really had a blast working with her! It is Michelle and Ellie's birthday month so they decide to incorporate balloons and a cake. The beautiful cake was made by Annie Biegler. I loved the fading effect on the inside of the cake!


  1. Not a model? Ya right! This shoot was one of my favorites! Beautiful job

  2. I saw that annie made your cake so I looked onto your blog to see it and I have realized not only are annie's cakes amazing, but you are an amazing model!! And your little girl is adorable. :)


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