Kristynn + Justin Engagements

I had been wanting to do this concept for so long, the only problem was that I could not find a cute wooden picnic table. Fortunately, Kristynn and Justin were able to borrow one from their uncle for the shoot! I just loved the idea of a couple having a picnic while wading their feet in the water. Kristynn and Justin also wanted to incorporate an old canoe that they've had some good times in into the shoot.

"Justin and I have had a lot of fun in our canoe. My first time in the canoe was also my most memorable. We took the canoe out on Utah Lake and the waves ended up tipping us over! We were stranded in the middle of the lake until a motorboat full of teenagers came and helped us get back into the canoe and pull us closer to the shore. It was really embarrassing then, but fun to look back at and laugh at now. Since then, canoeing has become one of our most enjoyable things to do together."


Christie + Brooks Bridals

Christie's dress is AMAZING!!!

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