Olivia + Landon Bridals

Landon had the most amazing suit ever. When he first showed up, my jaw dropped, it was exactly what I've been looking for for my fiancee. He got his suit at www.studiosuits.com and it was only around $185 + S&H. He ordered a SLIM suit which is why it fits like a Ryan Seacrest suit, nice and fitted! He also gave them his measurements so that they could make it to fit him perfectly. I also LOVE grey suits. In fact, below is the link to the exact slim suit. You would need to pick the fabric and lining, and give them the measurements. I STRONGLY suggest checking it out, I'd love to do more weddings with suits like this.


Olivia's dress was also stunning! It was her grandmothers, then her mom wore it, and now she is wearing it. I loved that it was so personal to her, but that she was also not as worried about keeping it clean. She was totally willing to lay down in a bed of flowers in her wedding dress.. not many girls will do that!

We did a "first look" with these guys. This mean that the groom has not seen the bride in her dress yet. We will have him face in the opposite direction, and the bride will come up from behind, I'll count to three, and he'll turn around and see her for the first time. This usually makes for some great emotional shots.


  1. these are INCREDIBLE!!! great work. i love every little detail about these pictures. you seem busy lately. i love it. lots of inspiration and enjoyment for me. hah. =]

  2. Alix! thanks for sharing the suit info (keeping it) I love love first looks too, Lovely couple and pictures :)

  3. don't worry.......
    i'm almost in tears. this is beautiful. i love olivia and landon.

  4. I am the momma of the groom- and I was most certainly in tears- beautiful! Great job-
    and I think you had fabulous subjects.

    As for Landon's suit- it cost I think 185 plus shipping- the price fluxuates by the fabric type, and the lining chosen- plus he had the vest as well- shipping for just the suit would have been about 20 dollars. The service was very fast- and they work with paypal. I admit I was a whole lot of nervous about ordering all the pants and suit from overseas- but it was perfect.

  5. alix, thanks again we really love these so much! don't ever stop doing this! we'll need family shots and what not down the road! :)

  6. The rings on the glass soda bottles was so creative! You are awesome!

  7. What is the exact color of the fabric of his suit?

  8. Heritage Mid Grey Terry Rayon- Landon's Mom


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