Cambria + Jared Wedding

This was such a beautiful fall wedding!



I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas.


2012 Sign-in and Wedding Book Demo

This is a demo of the sign-in and wedding books I offer. These aren't your typical photo books that can be purchased online from cheap manufacturers. I put my books together myself, starting with using fine quality paper, printing the images on my own printer (this ensures that the colors of the images will match with the way I intended them to look), and using a local manufacturer for the sewn binding.


8x10 size: I have found that 8x10 is the perfect size to display my work. The size is similar to a high fashion magazine, and creates a professional and sophisticated look

Dust jacket: The books come with a matte, sturdy dust jacket with a vertical picture of your choice on the cover, surrounded by a white border. Beneath the dust jacket, the book has a grey fabric cover with the couple's name foil stamped on the cover. The book looks great with and without the dust jacket.

High quality matte paper: The paper is an extremely important part of this book. The paper has a matte texture and is high-quality and stands out amongst the cheap paper found in most photo books.

High quality sewn binding: Most photo books are "perfect bound", which means they are essentially glued together. My books are sewn together for durability by a local binder.

Magazine-style layouts: I create the layouts for my books individually. This means I take time to place the images in the perfect sizes and places within the book. The layouts are designed to resemble high-fashion magazines, to create a modern and professional look.

High number of edited images per book: The sign-in books include about 30-35 edited engagements, and 30-35 edited bridals of your choice. Guests may sign in the blank space on the pages, or the book may just be used for viewing purposes at the wedding. The wedding books include up to 100 edited wedding images of your choice.

Brady + Mikey Bridals

Here are some recent city style bridals I did. Mikey's dress was beautiful--she found an old vintage wedding dress and adjusted it to be how she wanted. I loved the old rug they brought for the photos in the park. This couple has such a great style!
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