Afton Sandstrom Senior Portraits

Afton is my little sister's friend. I am so excited I got to take her senior portraits, she was so fun to work with and looks like a model.. how lucky was she to get a perfect monroe? We shot at some cool locations.. one of which was her grandparents house with their old car. Overall this is another favorite shoot. :)


Elleny & Cory Engagements

Prior to the shoot, Elleny let me know that her and her fiance were a bit awkward in pictures. After starting the shoot, I found they were far from awkward and actually photographed really well. Elleny wanted a city inspired shoot so we headed up to Salt Lake for this one. I have never shot at these locations before and I am really happy with the way they turned out. I also loved working with the couple, they were very easy going and I am so jealous of Elleny's hair! Such a pretty color.


Miranda Loosle Senior Pictures | Hair and makeup by Nicole Cook

Many of my clients will recognize this face--these are pictures I took of my beautiful sister, Mimi (Miranda to everyone else), who acts as my assistant at many of my shoots. Mimi has a very unique personality and I really wanted to capture it in my pictures. Mimi has a thing for hats and cats. No, I didn't realize that would rhyme until after I typed it. Anyway we wanted to incorporate that into the shoot because we really wanted these pictures to be a good representation of how she is at this point in her life. I am so happy with how these turned out and I know most of the credit needs to be given to Mimi for her gorgeous looks. Like I said, the tree is one of my new favorite locations so we just had to shoot there again. We were on our way to shoot at the tree on Geneva Road, when I looked over and realized Utah Lake was completely frozen over. We just HAD to stop and take some pictures with it!

Also, thanks to Nicole Cook for doing Mimi's awesome hair and makeup.

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