Mallory & Matt Engagements

This was another one of my favorite shoots. Mallory really wanted a classy/vintage look for her pictures. We shot at an old house in Provo, and then headed off to one of my favorite restaurants, Communal, for the rest of the shoot. Communal was extremely open to us, and even gave us pomegranate sorbet. The restaurant is located in Provo and is gorgeous with amazing food to match. Check out their blog at www.communalrestaurant.blogspot.com.

I am really so lucky that I keep getting to shoot these beautiful couples. Mallory is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the nicest people I know.


Jordan Schwitzer Portraits

These pictures are very special to me because they are of one of my best friends. Growing up with Jordan gave me some great memories and I was honored to be able to take her pictures and hopefully give her some great memories as well. At first, Jordan and I were very scared when we entered the old abandoned house I'd found on State Street because there were footsteps leading up to the door and writing all over the walls. But the house was beautiful, Jordan is gorgeous, and the pictures turned out to be some of my all time favorites. As always, leave your comments and let me know your thoughts.

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