Leanna + Ryan Engagements

This couple is so sweet.


Ashley + Sean Engagements

I just love it when my clients are willing to try my ideas! This bunny was the cutest thing ever! It was not mine, but it made me want to get one so bad! Ashley and Sean are a gorgeous couple, it was so fun to be able to work with them.


Kate + Adam Wedding

Kate and Adam's wedding was SO elegant. A dinner was held the night before the temple ceremony at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in one of their most beautiful rooms. Kate played a huge part in selecting the flowers, and she really did an amazing job. Everything fit so well together, and the atmosphere that night was so relaxing and fun. The ceremony was held at the Logan, Utah Temple the next day, and after a few temple shots, the couple was off to their honeymoon. I loved the setup, it was very stress-free.

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