Kate + Adam Engagements

I've been so excited to post these! (as always) Kate and Adam were so fun to shoot with, they were such a happy, smiley couple. I love that! They met at church and would always hang out at the picnic tables outside of their stake center. I loved that they wanted to incorporate this into their shoot. I wanted to play off of that by making the shoot playful and young. We incorporated pop rocks, sodas, and a tree house into the shoot. I also put together some ribbon that spelled out their names. I am so happy I have clients that will trust me and try my ideas!


  1. I love how creative you are!!


  2. I Love the pictures ! ! !

    Mike (aka Adam's Dad )

  3. awesome pics I especially love the pop rocks with the ring so creative

  4. These rock! (pun totally intended) I love em. Your ring shots seriously slay me. I LOVE them. :)


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