Announcement Design + Sign-In Books

I haven't been focusing a great deal on announcements in the past, but I had some fun ideas I wanted to demonstrate. Note that these announcements are for DEMONSTRATION ONLY. They are FAKE. I don't want people to think these are real announcements for my clients. Anyway, here are some fun examples. Anything could be changed--you could pair different things up, using different fonts, words, etc. I like to keep things simple, while drawing attention to the photographs. These are all printed on matte, thick card stock (100 lb) and they are double-sided in color. I had them printed at Alphagraphics in Provo, I've used them in the past and they do an excellent job. The front of the invitation is on the left, the back is on the right.

Here are some more examples of what the book looks like. I will usually use all of the edited images from the engagements and bridals in the sign-in book, unless told otherwise. You are welcome to exclude any images you would like from the book. I normally do not include images that were not taken by me. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know. This book could also include the wedding/reception photos, and be made after the wedding, rather than used as a sign-in book. My wedding packages and book pricing include an 8x10 book with up to 200 pages. Most of the sign-in books include around 120 pages. I design the layouts so that they are interesting, yet are simple enough to draw focus to the images. There is PLENTY of white space to sign in. This book is a GREAT way to keep printed copies of your images, because they are all in one place and are easy to look through.


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