Evelyn Boudoir (The Mrs.)

This boudoir was so much fun to work on. We shot the photos at Silver Moose Ranch. Silver Moose Ranch is a bed and breakfast, but they also do weddings. I shot Ruby and Will's wedding there last year and fell in love with the interior (as well as the exterior). I knew it was a perfect place for Evelyn's boudoir!

The concept for this shoot was sort of a "waiting for you" theme, as if she was waiting for her husband to come home from work. The shoot starts with Evelyn waking up in bed, then making breakfast, then lounging around the house, then making dinner, and finally we end with Evelyn looking out the door and seeing her husband's reflection.

Evelyn is an amazing model, and totally looks like Morena Baccarin in my opinion!


  1. LOVE the sweater and the carrots. So pretty!!

  2. great photos! such an awesome idea, I've never seen such a creative boudoir session!


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