Tara Boudoir (Flagstaff, Arizona)

I am so excited to be sharing Tara's boudoir and wedding with you. Look for the wedding post next!

I had so much fun shooting with Tara and Mike in Flagstaff, Arizona this past summer. Tara and Mike and their family and friends were so incredibly welcoming to me. It can always be a little overwhelming to travel to a place you've never been by yourself. But as soon as I arrived to Flagstaff, I was taken to Tara's bridal shower where almost every single person came and said "hello" to me at some point.

After hanging at Tara's friend's house in Sedona, and taking a little cruise in her blue VW Bug, Tara and I headed out for her boudoir session. Although the mosquitos were a little bit crazy, we had such a blast walking through the berry bushes (Tara was barefoot) and shooting and random spots that we found, giggling along the way. Tara did not question me once! Even when I asked her to climb up on a log or go thigh-deep into the water. She was up for anything, and there's nothing more that a photographer can ask for!

Tara is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I hoped to show her sweetness in my photos.


  1. What can I say that I havent already? Beautiful, as always!!

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