Nikki + Mike Wedding

Ohhh, this wedding. One of the sweetest, most intimate weddings I've been to. Although it wasn't an incredibly small wedding, it was easy to tell that most people there were close and good friends. I walked down to the barn where the reception would be held. I slid the barn doors open, and I could not believe how stunning everything was. The long tables that ran straight down the barn, the lavender tied to the napkins, and even the horse stalls had round tables in them. It was a rainy day, so the ceremony area had a tent over it, which created very soft light as the guests sat on bails of hay, sipping their High West hard lemonades, waiting for the ceremony to begin. I LOVE when weddings have a "drink of choice" that is served throughout the day. Every time I have that drink, I think of this wedding! The dinner was incredible, as you should always expect from Culinary Crafts.. watermelon, chicken, french fries.. perfect for a ranch wedding! The dancing was held in a sort of barn.. not really sure what to call it, but the edges were open and it had a roof on top (see photos below). As soon as the bride and groom started their first dance, it started pouring rain, and the thunder and lighting went crazy. This made their first dance the most intimate one I've ever seen. The couple laughed and smiled as they spun around the room, and the guests shouted and cheered every time the thunder would roar. This went on all night, and it was a bit chilly, but luckily the thank-you-gifts were warm blankets that everyone cuddled up in throughout the night.

Wedding planner: Bride, Culinary Crafts & Scenemakers, Mary Crafts, info@culinarycrafts.com
Wedding planner: Bride, Culinary Crafts & Scenemakers, Freddie & Allie Kesler, weddings@scenemakers.com
Ceremony & Reception center: Red Cliff Ranch – Heber Valley, UT, redcliffranch@gmail.com
Announcement, Escort & Menu card designs: Ann Elizabeth, , info@annelizabeth.com
Bride’s rings: OC Tanner, http://www.octannerjewelers.com
Groom’s ring: OC Tanner, http://www.octannerjewelers.com
Ceremony Planner: MOOD Events, info@mood-events.com
Flowers: Scenemakers, weddings@scenemakers.com
Catering: Culinary Crafts, info@culinarycrafts.com
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes, contact@nothingbundtcakes.com
Bride’s dress: Penelope’s, penelope@qwestoffice.net
Bride’s shoes: Seychelles, http://shop.nordstrom.com
Bride’s jewelry: Family heirlooms, earings from http://www.danakellin.com
Hair & Makeup: Lunatic Fringe Park City, parkcity@lunaticfringesalon.com
Bridesmaid dresses: Anthropologie, , http://www.anthropologie.com
Groom’s suit: J.Crew, http://www.jcrew.com
Groomsmen suits: J.Crew, http://www.jcrew.com


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