Michelle + Ryan Wedding

Wedding Planner: Holly Fowler http://www.hollyhocksllc.blogspot.com/ or hollyfowler@msn.com
Announcement Design: Kirsten Nielsen kirstenElaineNielsen@gmail.com or #801.787.1871
Flowers: Holly Fowler http://www.hollyhocksllc.blogspot.com/ or hollyfowler@msn.com
Groomsmen's boutonnier's: made by the bride (me)
Catering: Magelbys http://www.utahcatering.com/
Reception center: Historic Southworth Hall in Provo, Utah
Cakes: Annie & Sharon Biegler
Wedding Dress: made by Barbara Gant http://barbaragant.blogspot.com/ or hmbound@yahoo.com
Wedding dress sash: made by the bride's mother-in-law, Karen Cope
Ryan's Suit: Zara
Bride's headband: Doloris Petunia out of L.A. http://www.etsy.com/shop/DolorisPetunia?ref=seller_info
Bride's shoes: Steve Madden
Wall display with banners, fans, & tissue balls: Anthropologie http://www.bhldn.com/index.cfm
Chalkboard sign: drawn by the bride (me)


  1. completely agree, one of my favorite shoots you've done! wonderful job. xoxo

  2. This is a beautiful shoot! Love the emotion and happiness that is captured!

  3. I LOVE that first shot - awesome angle. GREAT GREAT GREAT, beautiful work.

  4. I'd love to feature your work - please email me- Courtney@dolorispetunia.com (designer of the brides headpiece (and originally from SLC)) xo

  5. Beautiful shoot! Just wondering though where the reception was held?

  6. Also wondering where the reception was held?

  7. It tells you where the reception was held at the very beginning of the post along with other info about the wedding. Which the reception was at Historic Southworth Hall in Provo, Utah.

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