Alana + Ace Wedding

Here's a gorgeous wedding I recently shot in Washington DC. This wedding was SUCH a blast.. Alana and Ace were an awesome couple to work with. I hope to visit DC again soon!


  1. Thank you for capturing such beautiful images on our happy day!! We had so much fun with you, and you were such a pleasure to work with. XOXO- Alana

  2. I'm so excited. I'm shooting my fourth DC wedding in barely 2 weeks! I'll have two more, for a grand total of three this year before July! Considering I am in California, this is WILD!

    I would trade you a DC wedding for a Utah one though! That is tropical and exotic and gorgeous enough for me!

    You're doing so amazing Alix!

  3. Wow, that makes me want to go out and tone up my arms!

    As always, I'm amazed by your work!

  4. I am just consequently fired up. I am just shooting my own next Power wedding party within hardly 14 days! I will have 2 more, for the grand total regarding about three in 2010 ahead of Come july 1st! Considering We are inside Los angeles, this really is Untamed!

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  5. Thanks with regard to recording this kind of stunning pictures upon the pleased day time!! We'd a lot enjoyable along with you, and also you had been this type of enjoyment to utilize. XOXO.

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