Mikaela + Eric Wedding

This was a really amazing wedding. The ceremony and luncheon were held at La Caille, and the reception was held at the Velour in Provo. The ceremony was more classy and elegant, while the reception was more urban, but because of Mikaela's style, everything flowed perfectly together. The reception was inspired by the music video fro Elephant Gun by Beirut. Be sure to check it out, Beirut has an amazing voice and the video is awesome. This whole wedding was just a blast, everyone obviously was having a lot of fun and the atmosphere was so unique for a wedding. Def. one of my favorites!

Wedding planner: Myself + mother
Announcement design: I designed the invitations myself but the sketch of the bride came from artist Beth Thayer, http://sevenpetalsstudio.com/
Flowers: BlossomSweet http://blossomsweet.com/
Catering: no official catering. just some items from Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe (mini cupcakes), Sweet Tooth Fairy (sugar cookies), other homemade goodies
Ceremony center: La Caille, Sandy UTAH
Reception center: Velour Live Music Gallery, Provo UTAH
Cake: Carrie's Cakes http://www.carriescakes.com/
Wedding dress: custom designed using 2 dresses. Casablanca - Bellissimo (lace dress) & Jasmine - Chandell (detachable train). Then lace from JoAnn's and custom alterations.
Bride's Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Suit: Pants (Express, custom tailored to be skinny fit), Shirt (Express), Vest (Urban Outfitters), Shoes (Puma) The reception...


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  2. so pretty!! but I am in love with the dinner at la caille and the reception at velour such a great idea <3

    PS. is that your bunny mask or was it from velour?

    OMG no wonder!!! you did a great job I didn't even read the whole top part till the end and while I was watching the pictures I was like this is like the elephant gun song from Beirut it's one my favorites :)

  3. Haha, yeah I know I loved the locations! The bunny mask.. I think it was actually the couple's. They bought a bunch of props because they did sort of a photo booth.

  4. What a fun wedding to be a part of! Absolutely gorgeous. And I love that you've started adding the vendors for weddings, great addition to the blog!

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  6. i am so excited to see all the pictures! it was such an awesome and playful event :)

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