Afton + Astrid Portraits

One of my good friends, Afton Sandstrom, recently had a baby (Astrid). I normally don't do baby portraits, mainly because I am usually booked out pretty far for weddings and don't have time. But of course, Afton knew to book me really far in advance!

Also, you'll notice a purple ring in the photos. Afton's mom wore that ring when Afton was born, she gave the ring to Afton for Mother's Day and Afton wore the ring when Astrid was born.


  1. my favorite newborn/mommy shoot ever! good job!

  2. these absolutely melt my heart. this is the most beautiful mommy/baby photo shoot I've ever seen. Wonderful job Alix!

  3. My good friend Raquel Acevedo put me onto your photography blog and I have been admiring you for a few months now. I just had to post a comment on this session because it is seriously good. It's so tender and simple. I love the interaction between mommy and baby. It is just perfect all around!

  4. seriously so amazing. you out-did anne geddes by a trillion.


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