Evelyn + Marcello Engagements

When Evelyn told me she had done some modeling at the end of the shoot, I was not surprised at all. She was so natural in front of the camera, and I loved the way she posed and the expressions she made. Her and Marcello were so great to photograph! Evelyn Eslava is also a very talented photographer! This shoot was so much fun and I could not wait to get home and edit the shots! Also have to point out how perfect the outfits were! I usually advise not to wear red, but it actually ended up being perfect for this shoot! And I loved Evelyn's pink skirt!


  1. Alix you did such a BEAUTIFUL job! we love our pictures :)

  2. i love these! and I love evelyn! you both are great photographers:)

  3. that's my brother-in-law! i love the yellow background that you've used in the past few shoots!



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