Taryn + Colby Engagements

Here are some recent pics I did on a cold winter day. Taryn and Colby were such a sweet couple, so easy to direct and work with, and they are a beautiful couple. I am so happy with how well all of the colors went together. The big blue building matched perfectly with the frozen lake. Taryn and Colby did an awesome job of not looking like they were freezing. Towards the end of the shoot, I could hardly push the buttons on my camera, my fingers were so cold! But it was definitely all worth it, I think this turned out to be a great winter shoot.


  1. Hi Alix! I'm a really big fan of your work! I'm a photography student and you are very inspiring to me. I check your blog often and just wanted to leave you a comment this time:)

  2. Thanks for all of your comments, they really make my day!

  3. i love this session! beautiful photos!!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and really like your work. Love, Love that black and white of them on the dock. Beautiful!

  5. I simply found your site as well as enjoy your projects. Adore, Adore which monochrome of these about the pier. Stunning!

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