Alysha + Jason Wedding

I have been so excited to post these pictures. I am now going to be offering to do "photo booths" at weddings. They are like a normal photo booth, except I'll provide props, and much better lighting. The photo booth is placed so that it is part of the line as guests come to greet you at the reception. While they are waiting in line, they can have a picture taken--either with a funny prop, or just smiling at the camera. This is a great way to get good photos of your guests, especially at dark receptions where it is difficult to find flattering light.

Alysha + Jason were married at the Timpanogos Temple. It was freezing that day, so we only had time for a few shots outside the temple.

If you were a guest at this wedding and would like to download a copy of your photo from the photo booth, go to the link below.



  1. love the photo booth idea! the shots with the flowers are beautiful!!

  2. oh and the little girl with the glasses is sooo cute!



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