Kiki + Dan Wedding

Reception center: The Old Church, Joe, 435-336-2241
Bride’s ring: Kristin Coffin, Kristin Coffin, http://www.etsy.com/shop/kristincoffin
Groom’s ring: Jesse Danger, Jesse Danger, http://www.etsy.com/shop/JesseDanger
Flowers: Honey of a Thousand Flowers, Sarah Winward, sjwinward@yahoo.com
Catering: The Catering Company, Joseph McRae, Josephmcrae65@gmail.com
Cake: City Cakes & Café, Nanette, contact@citycakescafe.com
Bride’s dress: Leanne Marshall, Leanne Marshall, http://www.etsy.com/shop/Leanimal
Bride’s shoes: Vintage
Hair and makeup: Myself
Bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew
Groom’s suit: Jos A. Banks

Joseph with The Catering Company was extremely easy to work with and made our wedding day so amazing. I would highly recommend them to any bride & groom looking for a stress free caterer. Anything he could do to make our day a little bit easier for us, he did.
The Old Church is a very low key venue that not many people have heard of. You can barely find it with a Google search. The only way I was able to come across it was through theknot.com. As unknown as it is, I highly recommend it for a wedding venue. The church is absolutely beautiful and the outdoor space was perfect for our outdoor wedding.
Sarah Winward is SO amazing at what she does and is the most artistic florist in town. That is all that needs to be said about her work.
Dan's grandmother passed away shortly before we got engaged. They were very close so we knew we had to do something special to include her in the wedding. We originally thought we would bring a bouquet of flowers from the wedding to her grave, but after seeing a door garland in Sarah's portfolio we knew that was how we wanted to include her. We made a mention of the meaning behind the garland during the ceremony and had Dan's parents take it to her grave after the wedding.
Since the wedding was on a tight budget, my mom wanted to make the day special for us in any way she could. She spent hours and hours making all the pom poms, little candle cups, vases and the porcelain cones that hung from the benches in the church. We are extremely lucky that I have such a talented mom. She really does it all. Those porcelain cones are now owned by our florist, Honey of A Thousand Flowers, so if you love them, you know where to find them.
Both Dan and I are musicians. We are both in separate bands; he is in The Trappers, I am in The Folka Dots, and we are also in a band together, The Hollering Pines. We have recording equipment in our basement, so naturally we decided we would record a wedding CD and cover all our favorite love songs for our wedding favors. As it turned out we were way too swamped with wedding plans that we only managed to actually learn and record one of the songs, My Heart Skips A Beat by Buck Owens. We are still very pleased with how it came out with just the one song of us and the rest, a playlist of our favorite love songs. We could not have thought of a more perfect wedding favor for our wedding!
We knew we didn't want the traditional reception with a garter toss, bouquet toss and dancing so we opted for a more unique activity; a campfire jam. We had s'mores around the fire and members from our bands and whoever else wanted to jump in with harmonica or tambourine played the night away. It was definitely a better option than dancing for the two of us.


  1. Your work...it is SOOOO beautiful.

  2. I am with you...there are NO WORDS for how much I adore every detail of this wedding! It's perfect!!

    And you captured it all so amazingly!! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. OMG. Seriously, Alix. The FIRST picture, I was like ope.. this is going to be awesome. I know it.

    And I was right. That little church house is unreal. Also, BEAUTIFUL pictures, dear. You are an artist.


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