Camilla + Diogo Wedding

Here is a beautiful wedding I recently did for a beautiful Brazilian couple. I love that the families blew bubbles as Camilla and Diogo walked out of the temple. Almost everyone was speaking portuguese so I pretty much had no idea what anyone was saying the whole wedding! But it was really fun to be a part of!

Announcement design: My Graffix Design and Print
Flowers: Chic Design Studios
Catering: Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Reception center: JSMB, Sharon Room
Cake: Granite Cakes
Wedding dress: Alyse's Bridals
Suit: Tuxedo Wearhouse


  1. Absolutely beautiful as always!

  2. That shot out the window is amazing. You are so good at working the lighting to your advantage. Great job!

  3. Ótimas Fotos! Mesmo não entendendo quase nada que estava sendo dito no casamento.. kkkk

  4. Amazing!!!!!! My favorite wedding shoot ever!! :D


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