Megan + Cameron Engagements

Sometimes, I just get these ideas, and I am not happy until I follow through with them. I really wanted to have a couple jump into a lake like this, but I had to find the perfect couple that would be willing to do it. I knew Megan was a photographer and that she would have an appreciate for creativity and for doing whatever you have to, to get the perfect shot. I was really excited when they were happy to carry out my idea! They did a great job, and they even had fun doing it!

I really wanted to portray a "summer" essence with this shoot, hence the popsicles.

Megan and Cameron both look like models!


  1. where is that location you had them jump in? So cute! LOVE the water photos!

  2. This is my favorite shoot by far!!!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this shoot. Megan is adorable!

  4. Thank you, everyone. This was at Utah Lake. If you follow Provo Center Street all the way West, you will hit these docs.

  5. GORGEOUS photos. i am in love with these engagements! handsome couple and i love their style!



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