Lisa + Casey Wedding

This is one of the longest weddings I've ever done, so there are tons of pictures to show for it. I loved everything about this wedding. The wedding was at Somewhere Inn Time located in Lindon. This couple was so much fun to work with, and I am so happy with the photos! I hope they are too.

This is the woman behind the decorations, she did an amazing job of putting everything together, and this isn't even her job! She is the bride's sister in law! I tell her she needs to do this for a living.


  1. i dont even know these people, but their wedding made me cry. it was so beautiful. i wish i could get re-married all over again and have this wedding, and this photographer!

  2. Everything about this is just stunning! You captured this gorgeous wedding just perfectly!

  3. That is my old dresser. Do you remember Dan Cannon having the other one as well? They were my moms when she was little and when i got new furniture we gave them to the DI. fun to see them so beautifully used in your amazing photos! you're incredible.


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