Lauren + Chris Engagements

Christopher Dan and I met in the fall of 2009 at the Utah State library. Six months later, on April 21, 2010 we went on our first date. From the very first date, I knew this boy was a keeper. So despite the miles summer put between us, I held onto him. After three months of dating, my patience was wearing thin. He STILL hadn’t kissed me. I didn't know if he just thought of me as a friend or if I had a “STAY BACK“ sign printed across my forehead.

What I didn’t know then was that he “didn’t want to mess this one up.” On July 3rd, the drought ended. We watched the fireworks on the golf course and went back to his house where we made a fort out of couch cushions, barstools, blankets, and sheets. Little did I know that inside our little fort that night, I would have my last first kiss.

Almost exactly a year after our first date, I said yes to a question he didn’t even have to ask. And despite the fact that August 11th couldn’t possibly seem any further away, I cannot wait for that day to come!


  1. can you share this location!? it's amazing!! i love your work!

  2. Sure, it's actually a really popular spot. It's on Center Street in Provo. Just get on Center and drive all the way East, you'll see it there towards the end of that road on your right, it's a huge orchard. But they do charge $20 to shoot there. So if you keep going east past the orchard, the building ends at a building. Just walk inside that building and you'll pay right there.

  3. so beautiful!


  4. romantic shot kissing with a complete love wedding photographers had done a great job actually.

  5. love this! Maybe one of my favorite engagement sessions ever!


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