Breanna + John

I went to high school with Breanna, and it was so fun to see her again all grown up! I had been wanting to shoot with an old blue truck for a long time, but hadn't been able to find one. FINALLY, the day of the shoot, I saw one sitting out for sale in front of a house. I asked the owner if we could take pics with it and he said it would be fine, but that someone was coming by to look at the truck. While we were taking the pics, the truck was being sold. I am so glad I got to do pics with it before it did because I Just love the beautiful blue color! Breanna let me know the first time her and John hung out, they rode in the back of a pickup truck.


  1. This is an awesome shoot! Very creative, and the truck worked out great!

  2. beautiful! they are a breath taking couple, you captured them well.

  3. k i hope you dont mind, but i spotlighted your stuff on my blog because i love it so much!! http://m-funk.blogspot.com


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