Elleny + Cory

I have been very busy lately and do not have time to write very much.. I love this shoot, and hope you love it too! My posts may be a bit shorter for a while. I have been very busy and it won't be slowing down for a bit.


  1. SOO beautiful!! i hope you take this as a compliment, but you improve SO much with every shoot! i mean, all of your shoots are beautiful, but each one is just getting more and more stunning. i love that house, i've been trying to plan a shoot there for a while now, but every time i drive by, there are already people there. boo :( great shoot!!!

  2. Thanks, Maddie :) and I do take it as a compliment. I will ALWAYS be trying to improve, even when I am 50 years old! And there are people there a lot, you're right. But there are lots of rooms in the house so it's easy to find one that is empty until another is free. Thanks again.


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